Meet an inNOVAtiv children’s choir



Om Nova

Nova consists of a bunch of happy singers. We want to create high quality projects and collaborations that are innovative. We must start with the kids "- you have heard it so many times? But what do we really mean? Often people worry that the “Swedish choir wonder” is over and that it may be impossible to repair. But there are plenty of children's choirs! Children love to sing, but unfortunately there are few that take our children's voices seriously. If children should be able to develop, they must be allowed to come along - for real.

Therefore, we the adults, who have the opportunity. Learn how to build platforms where the children are involved from the very beginning.

/Edward Eklöf
Conductor / choir Nova


Kristina from Duvemåla

Nova has participated in p. a. "Kristina from Duvemåla", "Carmina Burana" and "A real Christmas" (Spira, Jönköping) there we have been given the privilege of working with bl. a. Anders Eljas, Folkoperan and Jönköping Sinfonietta. The fact that the children have been involved in these professional contexts, have meant very much for the children and, not least, the adults. We adults have so much to learn if we learn to understand their perspective.


Carmina Burana

Letting the children join may make a situation more complex. In eg Carmina Burana you may very well let the women's choir take care of the little children's run. It will probably be much easier. But how should the children get an understanding of art music if they can not join in and experience it from within?

A real Christmas

Since the start of 2012, Nova has had the privilege of joining in with professional musicians, artists, producers, costumes, choreographers, directors, etc. For that We are very excited!
We should not worry so much about what will become of today's children - however what really should worry us, is that adults often are too comfortable to let the children get involved when "it’s for real".


The choir members consist of children seeking new challenges in the choir song.